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The Guardians of Democracy

Balancing Complexities of Community Policing

Balancing Complexities of Community Policing: One of the most difficult aspects for today’s law enforcement officer is Balancing Enforcement, Officer Safety, Individual Respect and Community Protection.

– Lt. Jim Glennon

Course Overview

With Community, Safety, Science and Statistics as the basis of our course, The Guardians of Democracy begins by examining how the media, activist groups and national events have shaped the community’s perception of Law Enforcement. We follow-up with a discussion about how this has affected Management Decisions and consequently, the officer’s role in pro-active policing.

We then explore the Professional Goal; Controlling, Re-Directing and Influencing Others through Effective Communication. Using current videos, case studies and first-hand accounts of officer involved incidents, our instructors will:

Analyze the true statistics of officer use of force interactions.

Educate Students in the Science of Human Performance as it relates to memory, time motion and selective attention during highly dynamic encounters.

Teach the Communication Skills necessary to read people, interact effectively and establish rapport with communities we serve.

Offer critical techniques in de-escalation, calming the irrational and dealing with the mentally ill.

As with all Calibre Press curricula, this course is constantly evolving, updating as this profession evolves. Course topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Community, Media and Law Enforcement
  • The Science of Human Performance
  • True Statistics on Use of Force Incidents
  • The Power of De-Escalation
  • Implicit Bias
  • Dignity and Respect…Everyone Deserves it!
  • Viewing Video: Seeing is Not Necessarily Believing
  • The Power of the Unconscious
  • Perspective, Focus & Memory
  • Stress and Maladaptive Officer Responses
  • Balance: The Most Difficult Aspect of Law Enforcement
  • The Professional Goal: Controlling, Redirecting & Influencing Others


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